Ed wearing the necklace.

Near the beginning of the film, Ed Harley's son Billy made his father a necklace, which consisted of a normal human "stick-figure" made from either clay or some other unknown material and a string so that Ed could wear it around his neck. On the same day Billy gives the necklace to his father, Billy is accidentally hit and killed with a motorbike by Joel, a part of a group teenagers visiting Ed's rural hometown.

Furious and desperate, Ed conjured the Pumpkinhead demon to avenge his son's death, which Ed soon realized was a horrible mistake and led to his own death. When Haggis, the witch who Ed went to for help conjuring the demon, went to retrieve Ed's now deformed and shriveled corpse and buried it in the same burial mound where Ed dug up the demon's corpse, he was still wearing the necklace.

In Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes, Ed Harley's ghost is seen still wearing the necklace. Ed's ghost also appears in Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud, when Haggis gives Ed's necklace to Ricky McCoy, who conjured Pumpkinhead to avenge his sister's death. Also, there are a few errors in this film where Ed's ghost is not wearing the necklace.