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Feature films Pumpkinhead
Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes
Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud
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Occupation Witch of Razorback Holler
Home Razorback Holler

Haggis, also called the Old Witch of the Woods, is a supporting character in the Pumpkinhead film series. She first appeared in the original movie as a witch who Ed Harley came to for help after a teenager on a motorbike accidentally ran over and killed his son Billy.



Ed Harley came to Haggis in hopes that she could bring his dead son back to life, but Haggis told him that she couldn't raise the dead. Haggis indirectly told Ed that what he wanted was "vengeance" and told him to go out to Razorback Holler and dig up Pumpkinhead's corpse, which he brought back to Haggis' shack. Haggis then took blood from Ed by cutting his hand with a knife, as well as blood from Billy's dead body, and poured it over Pumpkinhead's corpse. The corpse then morphed into the monster seen throughout the rest of the film, and is it did, Haggis watched while Ed fainted. When Ed awakened, Haggis told him that he could leave.

Ed began witnessing the deaths of the teenagers through Pumpkinhead's eyes and came to the conclusion that conjuring the demon was wrong. Ed went back to Haggis' shack and asked her to stop the creature, but she told him that he was a fool for thinking that he could have his revenge so easily. Ed declared that he would stop the monster himself, and Haggis told him would both fail and die, to which Ed agreed that he would stop the monster and die.

After Ed attempted to kill himself to stop Pumpkinhead and was then shot dead by Tracey, Haggis went to retrieve Ed's now shriveled and deformed corpse, which she buried in the same burial mound where Ed dug up Pumpkinhead.