Production information
Feature films Pumpkinhead
Portrayed by
Character information
Full name Unknown
Other names Jerk (Tracey's nickname for him)
Occupation Motor-biker (formerly)
Affiliation Himself
Goals Avoid police
Redeem himself for his mistakes
Home Unknown
Unnamed rural town
Allies Steve (brother)
Kim (girlfriend)
Enemies Steve (formerly)
Chris (formerly)
Tracey (formerly)
Likes Motorbiking
Status Deceased

Joel (last name unknown) was a supporting character in the original Pumpkinhead film and began his role as an antagonist, although later attempted to redeem himself. Joel was part of a group of teenagers who were visiting a rural town for vacation.


On the day he and his friends arrived in the town, Joel and his brother Steve began racing on their motorbikes. When Billy Harley went to go after his dog Gypsy, he was accidentally hit by Joel's motorbike, resulting in his death. Joel immediately fled the scene out of fear of being caught by the police. When the rest of his friends arrived at the cabin they were staying in, Joel threaten to keep everyone hostage, leading his girlfriend Kim to explain that Joel had recently been in a similar accident and that he was on parole. Joel also locks Chris and Tracey in a closet.

Joel later decides to redeem himself for his mistakes and frees Chris and Tracey, only for Maggie to frantically run into the cabin and explain that Steven is missing, having been killed by the Pumpkinhead demon, who Billy's father Ed Harley conjured to avenge his son's death. Joel and Chris go outside in search of Steve and find a bloodied portion of his clothing hanging from a tree. Joel also witnesses Maggie being dragged away by Pumpkinhead when he and Steve return to the cabin.

Later, Joel is forced to watch as Pumpkinhead forces Maggie's dead corpse through a window, which causes Kim to faint. Joel exclaims "I'm the one you want!", referring to him hitting Billy with his motorbike and Pumpkinhead appears and prepares to drag off Kim, only for Joel to come at the creature with a knife. Pumpkinhead easily stops Joel, grabs his arm, and throws him further into the cabin. Pumpkinhead then drags off Kim. Later Joel watches as Pumpkinhead is holding Kim from a tree and then drops her on the ground directly above a rock, killing her.

When Joel, Chris, and Tracey are on the run from Pumpkinhead, they ask a local man for help, but the man says they are "marked". Pumpkinhead then arrives, who is quickly shot by Ed Harley, who realized that conjuring Pumpkinhead was a terrible mistake. Joel checks to see if the creature is dead, even shooting it a second time to prove it. Just when he thinks Pumpkinhead is dead, Joel is quickly killed by Pumpkinhead, being impaled with the very rifle he used to shoot the creature.