Kim in the cabin with Joel.

Kim (full name unknown) is one of the supporting characters in the original Pumpkinhead film. She was part of a group of teenagers visiting a rural town and seemingly Joel's girlfriend.


Kim was present when Joel accidentally hit Billy Harley with his motorbike, which his father Ed later discovered. Kim and the rest of her friends went to the cabin they were renting for their stay in the town, where Joel locked Chris and Tracey in a closet out of fear they would tell the police about the accident, which led Kim to explain that Joel had earlier been in a similar accident and that he was on parole.

Kim later convinced Joel to free Chris and Tracey, and Joel decided to reedeem himself for his mistakes. Soon after, Steve was killed by Pumpkinhead, a demon that Ed conjured to avenge his son's death and Maggie frantically ran into the cabin screaming. Maggie was also taken by Pumpkinhead, and Kim was present when the creature forced Maggie's dead corpse through a window, which caused Kim to faint. While faint, Pumpkinhead attempted to drag Kim away, and although Joel tried to stop the creature with a machete, Pumpkinhead threw him into the cabin and took Kim, who regained her consciousness when Pumpkinhead climbed up a tree with her. The remaining teenagers witnessed Kim being dropped from the tree by Pumpkinhead. Kim landed directly on a rock, killing her.