Maggie and Pumpkinhead

Maggie right before Pumpkinhead marks her for death and kills her.

Maggie (full name unknown) was a supporting character in the original Pumpkinhead film. She was part of a group of teenagers visiting a rural town.


When they arrived, fellow teens Joel and his brother Steve were motorbiking when Joel accidentally hit and killed Ed Harley's son Billy. After this, Ed went to see Haggis to conjure the demon Pumpkinhead to avenge Billy's death. Later that night, Maggie and her friends were staying in a cabin when she heard a voice calling her name (later revealed to be Pumpkinhead). Seemingly hypnotized, Maggie went outside, where Steve tried to convince her to have faith. Pumpkinhead kills Steve and Maggie runs back into the cabin.

Later, convinced that Steve is still alive, she leaves the cabin and is killed by Pumpkinhead as well. When Joel and Kim are hiding from the creature in the cabin, Pumpkinhead forces Maggie's dead corpse through the window, causing Kim to faint.