Steve is a supporting character in the original Pumpkinhead film. Steve was part of a group of teenagers visiting a rural town and the brother of Joel.


When Steve and his friends arrived in the town, he and Joel went out on their motorbikes. When Gypsy, a dog owned by Ed Harley, who runs the Harley Grocery store nearby, chases after the bikers, Billy runs after her. Billy is accidentally hit and killed by Joel's motorbike, and Steve remains the only person around when Ed returns to find his son dying. Steve confesses that it was an accident, only for Ed to turn around with an enraged facial expression.

Steve goes to the cabin where the rest of his friends are staying, only to discover that Joel has locked Chris and Tracey in a closet, which leads Kim to explain that Joel was in a similar accident recently and that he is now on parole. Steve tries to convince Joel to give him the keys to the car so he can report the accident. After a fight between the two, Joel gets the upper hand and Steve is knocked unconscious.

Later that night, unaware that Ed has conjured the Pumpkinhead demon to avenge his son's death, Maggie hears a voice whispering her name and, seemingly hypnotized, goes outside. Steve tells Joel he needs to do the right thing and goes outside after Maggie, where he tries to convince her to have faith. As the two hug, Pumpkinhead drags away Steve and kills him.

When Maggie returns to the cabin and wants her friends to search for Steve, extremely convinced that he is still alive, Pumpkinhead hangs Steve's dead corpse from the roof for her to discover.